lessons and blessings

Section 1: Write in first person about a negative experience. (When I walked in to Burger’s-R-Us, I was immediately greeted by a cockroach crawling up my shoe.)

As a college student with so many class requirements to waft through, I knew I was bound to find a professor I didn’t vibe well with. Or, a professor that was boring. However, whether a professor irks me or be boring, I hoped at least they would teach me something useful. Well… around this time last spring semester I found myself in a class that I dreaded attending. To give some context, this was an upper-division writing course for the public relations department. On the first day of class, the professor discloses to us that she was in the middle of nowhere in Europe for years, hadn’t seen a computer modern day computer in ages, and basically was no way up to speed on technology or modern-day PR.  Major red flags. Naively optimistic, I didn’t decide to drop, after all, the class fit so well with my schedule. Big mistake. The rest of the semester was a complete waste of time. We would have unnecessary projects, random writing projects instead of PR writing, and ultimately I felt like I was wasting my time. Needless to say, I wish I had dropped when I had the chance. Although I passed the class, I didn’t learn anything which is really what saddened me. She no longer teaches at the university and I’m sure my feelings were not isolated.

Section 2: Write in third person about a positive experience. (Though the burritos at La Vic are pretty average, it’s their orange sauce that brings the crowds.)

Meeting to “study” at a coffee shop with friends was a favorite pastime of hers. So, for a few hours, she kind of worked on one assignment while chatting with a friend and it was freakin’ fantastic. Once they both decided to leave, she walked over to her car which was getting toasted by all the sunshine.  Her seat was warm and she relaxed for a bit and pulled out her phone. Glancing at her notifications, she was surprised to have gotten a phone call while she was studying. The number isn’t saved and she stared at it for a moment before deciding to listen to the voicemail. It couldn’t hurt, right? Soon enough, a man’s voice filled the silence of her car. He introduced himself but the name didn’t sound familiar but she sat unmoving, almost with bated breathe as he utters the next few words. Congratulations. Recipient. Scholarship. She stares at her steering wheel, unseeing, as the words sink in. She won a scholarship. The scholarship she really wanted to win. Slowly, a smile stretched across her lips and a bubble of laughter escaped her. Congratulations. The warmth in her car enveloped her and wow, she felt pretty blessed.