Paragraph 1: Dramatic Narrative.

Dramatic narrative is a narrative technique that relies on abundant detail and action. Start us in the action. Put us into a concrete setting. Give us rich details. What makes your topic interesting? Conclude with a topic sentence that could set up the rest of a review.

The second I stepped inside where the dinner reception was to be held, I was a little awe-struck. There were chandeliers dangling down, twinkling golden, fluorescent light. There were so many people and I immediately was annoyed at my own late tendencies and how it’s ingrained in Ethiopian culture. Of course, my party decided to claim seats at the very front near the podium.

Paragraph 2: Summary Narrative.

Summary narrative pulls away from the action to give the reader any necessary background information and summary. Pull the camera back and fill in the gaps. How did you get here? What’s really going on? Where are we going from here?

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When she had decided that was no longer attending CPP, it wasn’t due to hating the school but rather being unable to pay the housing costs. Coming from the Bay Area, there are more people that focused on individual writing.