Secure the Bag: Tips on How to Find Scholarships

It’s no secret that college can be costly for students considering all the factors that come with it –tuition, housing, books.  As a result, students find themselves financially insecure and with a mountain of debt to fund their education. The good news is that there are ways to pay for school fees and that is through scholarships. Armed with these four different methods to go about your scholarship search, you will have the knowledge to find and apply for scholarships!   

Utilize Department Resources

 At most universities and colleges, there will be scholarship opportunities for students in each specific department. Typically, those departments, depending on how big they are, may have donors and a fund for scholarships. If you want to find scholarships with less competition, this is definitely a great place to start. Visit the physical location of your department and ask around for opportunities, or visit the website. If not, there definitely will be scholarships for students in a specific college or the university as a whole. Ask questions, because chances are there will be opportunities available. There will be less competition and that’s always a plus, right?

 Find Local Non-Profit Organizations

There are so many different nonprofit organizations across the world that do fundraising year round to offer scholarships to students in their community. Your job is to find them! A good rule of thumb is finding national organizations because they may have local chapters. Some local chapters offer scholarships specifically to those that reside in certain counties and cities. There are organizations like the American Association of University Women that give hundreds of thousands of dollars to women in college throughout the country.

Embrace Your Background

 Diversity and inclusion is important in any sector, and there are organizations that are dedicated to giving scholarships to students that have historically been disadvantaged. If you are interested in the communications/marketing industry, there are organizations such as The LAGRANT Foundation which is dedicated to creating space for minority students in those fields. These opportunities exist for many industries, so if you identify as a minority, know there are people who want to help you excel so look for these opportunities!

Research Your Parent’s Employer 

Depending on where your parents work, there may be opportunities for you to get scholarships from their employer. Some corporations, universities, and even retirement homes offer opportunities where children of employees can apply for scholarships.