Dear Future High School Graduate

Dear Future High School Graduate,

I wanted to share some of the lessons and advice I have learned from personal experience and people in my life about graduating high school and entering college. If you are graduating in a couple of months, this one is for you.

 You might not succeed at first 

Whether you go to college or not, you will face roadblocks. You might find yourself rejected from your dream school. You may end up having to stay at home instead of moving away like you dreamed. You may not go to school from the gate. Although what you expected to happen didn’t happen, remember to take a step and remember there is no race to get to university. Whatever is meant to happen, happens but do not just sit there and take failure. Improve. Practice what you love, push yourself to do better. It’s okay if things didn’t go the way you planned. Cry and hide in your room for a week or two but then you need to make some moves. It takes grit but you’re a tough cookie, right? Yes.

 It’s Okay to Not Have a Dream 

A day, month or year after graduation you might come to the realization that you don’t have a dream. You could be Harvard bound but realize you have no clue what you want to do and that your life was structured not by your own passions, but of those in your life. If you don’t know what you want to do, that is perfectly normal and fine. Not everyone was groomed to be the next Olympic swimmer or Academy Award Winning Director. Granted, not everyone can travel the world and find themselves. If you don’t go to school, take the time to travel around your city, go to free workshops and events around the area. If it’s dead where you live, use the internet to pick up a new skill. One day, you might wake up to find that you found something you love to do. And you didn’t even have to dream about it.