Mourn, Adjust & Evolve: MAIP 2020 Goes Virtual

It was nearing midnight in Ethiopia and I was sitting in the middle of my family room anxiously refreshing my email. It was selection day for the Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (MAIP) and I was a finalist. After a grueling application process that took months, I would finally learn whether or not I was selected by an agency to be a public relations intern.

So, using the limited internet data I had, I sat glued to my phone until I met my fate. Spoiler alert: I was selected by MullenLowe in their Boston headquarters. So, not only was I selected, but I was selected by a top-tier agency in the east coast. I was hyped. At the time, summer 2020 was looking like a dream concocted by Hot Girl Meg.

Naturally, COVID-19 laughed in my face. As I saw internships on LinkedIn drop like flies, I knew my chances of my internship offer pulling through was little to none. I was frustrated at this amazing opportunity I worked so hard for disintegrate before my eyes but hey, that’s life.

We mourn, adjust, and evolve. Still, I’m thankful I had my 4A’s family along the journey.

I’ve bonded with my cohort in a way I believe previous MAIPers hadn’t before. We drop timely memes into our infamous group chat to laugh and heal from all that we’ve lost. We are fearless on voicing our thoughts on the significance of diversity and inclusion in the adverting industry. We are an ambitious, supportive group of young professionals that I’m inspired by.

Day 1 of Orientation!

We’re a month into the 4A’s Virtual Engagement Program (VEP) on old reliable (Zoom). It’s been a trip in more ways than one. I am able to sit in and engage with the trailblazers and titans of the advertising industry. I am able to recognize the trailblazer and the budding titan within me. The 4A’s and my MAIP family believe in me and that unwavering support means the world to me.

I’m thankful to be a part of this community and can’t wait to share my journey with my small, but mighty readers.

Has your internship been cancelled or has it gone virtual? If so, how are you doing with the new transition? Please share your stories in the comments!