Lessons I Learned While Interning in SF This Summer

So, let me start off by saying crying in the back of a Lyft wasn’t exactly how I imagined the first day of my internship going. 

I woke up early (I’m talking 5:30am) and got ready for work, making sure to grab the necessities, but particularly my headphones and charger. I made it to my train and got to San Francisco with no drama. That’s when things started going to sh*t. I get on the bus and of course, my Clipper hadn’t loaded so there goes that loud buzzing sound. It’s meant to indicate low balance but all I could think was oh my god everyone heard and they think I’m broke. Which, duh, I am. I’m a college student but I didn’t need a public announcement. It hurt a little more given the fact I did pay for the monthly pass. So, I stand there inside the bus, bodies to my left and to my right, with my heart racing with the fear that some fare inspector was going to come and toss me out. I thankfully made it to my stop unscathed and proceed to wait for a shuttle that I ultimately never found. Que me calling a Lyft that got canceled three times (they canceled, one of which I lowkey begged him to cancel) because yeah, I was lost and panicking. Oh, did I mention my phone died mid-order and I asked the security officer at Chase bank to charge my phone, voice quivering with barely held back tears??

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